Thursday, December 1, 2011

The first day of December starts me thinking about the upcoming holidays and all of the yummy foods that go along with them. As some of you know, I usually make candies, cakes, pies, cheesecakes and anything else you could want for the holidays and sell them. I have very loyal customers that buy from me every year.
There is a lot of tasting that goes along with making all this stuff. I have been asking myself how I am going to stick to my clean eating, and still make sure I taste everything to ensure it is perfect? (My excuse to taste everything)
This is where clean eating meets real life. You are going to experience this every day girls.
It is unrealistic to think that we are going to go through the holidays without eating ANY candy or desserts,etc. So how do we handle this?
I have found that if you totally deprive yourself, eventually you will crash and burn. You know what I mean. You totally give up every food that you love, then when you can't take it any more you give in and end up eating a half a box of cookies, or a quart of ice cream. Afterward, you think..I blew it, so what the hell, I might as well eat what I want for the rest of the day, then tomorrow I will get back on track. We have all been there..myself included.
Well I have good don't have to give up everything that you just need to go about eating the things you love in a different way.
For example, I LOVE cheesecake. It is like I can't say no to it if it is in the house. But I have learned that if I feel like I am going to die without that cheesecake...I have it! Now I'm not talking about a piece the size of a slice of like a sliver. If you savor each bite it seems like that little piece of cheesecake lasts forever. The same goes for whatever that one thing is that YOU love. ( I'm not saying eat a tiny bit of EVERYTHING that you love here girls.)
When you are eating clean, this is not something you want to do every day. But if it comes down to you getting to the point where you are going to quit striving towards your goal if you don't have that something RIGHT NOW...then have your LITTLE may do more good than harm in the end.
Even if you do totally screw up and eat that half box of cookies, or quart of ice cream after you have had a bad day, or your guy totally pisses you off, don't let that keep you down.
It does not have to mean you blew it, or that you failed, or that you have no willpower, if cave in every now and then. We are all human ladies. I have done it, and you are going to do it.
The main thing is , when that happens, don't revert back to your old ways of thinking, or eating. Just think to yourself.."OK, I screwed up and I just ate a lot of stuff that I shouldn't have, but I'm not going to let that stop me from trying again." And again. And again.
It is hard AT FIRST, to try to eat clean, or lose weight, or to make a total lifestyle change when it comes to eating. I would be lying if I said it was easy. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. The more you eat clean, good food, the more you will come to love it, and it will become a part of your everyday routine until you don't even have to think about it. It will just become natural to you to pick up a piece of fruit instead of eating a piece of cake, or that ice cream.
I know..because it became a natural thing for me...and if I can do it, I KNOW you can too!
Remember, I am here for you, for motivation, encouragement, and questions. If you have a question, send me an email. If you just want to vent to it..if it helps you...I'm here.
Until next time,

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